Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mid Summer Stride

There have been a number of river floats the past few weeks.  Some days fish are taking small stuff on top and others its big articulated streamers.

But first things first - these are the two best floats I've ever seen (courtesy the Spooner Rodeo Parade).
Great idea, I don't know how I didn't think of it.
Musky Princess from Hayward.
And remember, the river isn't just for fishing.
Some nice catches.  Sprinkling from the St Croix and Namekagon.

Whiffed on my two good musky takes.  Rivers have been slow for Mr. Mooskey but the lakes have had some good action.

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  1. Nice blog man, I'm surprised I haven't crossed paths with you yet on the croix. I run that river quite a bit, well not this year so much. Good to see some pig muskies and northers being caught on the fly. I've been in the area now for three years and the previous five were guiding trout in colorado; it's been a real nice change tossing big flies to fish with attitudes.

    Anyways, hopefully we'll cross paths on the river.

    Later, Ike